Video Game Stores Aren’t Dying

In response to recent economic challenges, there has been a lot of public hand-wringing about the future of video game stores. Actually, there’s been a lot of hand-wringing about the stock price of GameStop in particular. While that company’s future is certainly looking grim, that has very little to do with whether or not gamers will be […]

5 Games That Take A Month To Beat

Sometimes life puts you on an involuntary staycation, which gives you plenty of time to dive deep into a long game. There are a number of those to choose from, but quantifying “long” can be tough. As such here are five games that can take a month to finish for different reasons. 5 Red Dead […]

GameStop Employees Are People Too

GameStop has often been a punching bag in the gaming industry for its questionable practices in its treatment of employees. Further, it has been part of a recent history of reports on its poor performance in terms of sales and business. There are other minor quibbles to be had with the retailer, including its trade-in […]