Google releases Semantic Reactor for natural language understanding experimentation

Google today released Semantic Reactor, a Google Sheets add-on for experimenting with natural language models. The tech giant describes it as a demonstration of how natural language understanding (NLU) can be used with pre-trained, generic AI models, and a means to dispel intimidation around using machine learning. “Companies are using NLU to create digital personal […]

Will this crisis help set autonomous AI on the right course?

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerates an automated future that’s already on its way. It serves as a wake-up call to all AI, robotics, and driverless car startups: stop building eye-dazzling demos and talking about the future possibility of general-use AI. Instead, focus on deploying real-world solutions that can run 24 hours a day with minimum human […]

DarwinAI wants to help identify coronavirus in x-rays, but radiologists aren’t convinced

Canadian startup DarwinAI and researchers from the University of Waterloo are open-sourcing COVID-Net, a convolutional neural network made for detecting COVID-19 in x-ray imagery. Since coronavirus emerged as a threat to people around the world, a global community of healthcare and AI researchers have produced a number of AI systems for identifying COVID-19 in CT […]

Fritz brings on-device AI to Android and iOS

Fritz AI, a startup providing an AI and machine learning development platform for Android and iOS, today announced that it has raised $5 million. CEO Dan Abdinoor says that the capital will accelerate Fritz’s expansion as it launches its product out of early access, which he asserts addresses the challenges of mobile AI for businesses […]

4 reasons you should be moving toward zero-trust security

Presented by Nutanix Virtual machines and cloud computing are quickly eliminating traditional data security boundaries. Where a definable, protectable perimeter once surrounded corporate data centers, for example, enterprise digital assets have become scattered across multiple on-prem and public cloud IT environments. The distributed nature of data across dissimilar IT environments has created new security challenges […]

Tech Nation: U.S. companies raised 56% of global AI investment since 2015, followed by China and U.K.

A new report shines some light on the investments made into artificial intelligence (AI) between 2015 and 2019, revealing that the U.S. attracted more than half of all global AI investments during the five-year period, followed by China and the U.K. The UK Tech For a Changing World report was produced by government-funded Tech Nation […]

Intel trains neuromorphic chip to detect 10 different odors

Intel and Cornell University today published a joint paper demonstrating the ability of Intel’s neuromorphic chip, Loihi, to learn and recognize 10 hazardous materials from smell — even in the presence of “significant” data noise and occlusion. The coauthors say it shows how neuromorphic computing could be used to detect the precursor smells to explosives, […]

Google’s Neural Tangents library gives ‘unprecedented’ insights into AI models’ behavior

Google today made available Neural Tangents, an open-source software library written in JAX, a system for high-performance machine learning research. It’s intended to help build AI models of variable width simultaneously, which Google says could allow “unprecedented” insight into the models’ behavior and “help … open the black box” of machine learning. As Google senior […]