A mega creep comeback secures a victory for T1 in the SEA DPC League

After Neon Esports were able to cause an upset over TNC Predator, 496 Gaming were hoping to do the same against T1 in the final series of week 2 in the Southeast Asia Dota Pro Circuit League.

Having only played one series so far in the SEA DPC League, which ended in Fnatic taking a relatively simple 2-0 victory, T1 were hoping to finally score some points today as they went up against 496 Gaming – one of the closed qualifier teams. For 496, today would be their fourth series, meaning that they were more than halfway through their season one series – with only a win over Vice Esports recorded, while taking a single game off both Neon and BOOM Esports.

It took only seven minutes for the first tier one tower to fall in game one, as 496 seemed to completely crumble as T1’s lineup seemed to completely overpower them across the map. Although there were brief moments in which 496 showed signs of life, T1 quickly shut it down and secured game one. Game two was a far better showing from 496, but that was not to say that T1 were completely down and out. Although 496 had run away with a gigantic net worth lead, T1 used their experience to constantly fight back and find great pickoffs on their opponent – keeping themselves in contention. However, unable to pull things back enough, T1 eventually threw in the towel after one final teamfight, tying the series at 1-1.

A bloodbath was what we expected from the decisive game three and that is exactly what we got, with both teams fighting tooth-and-nail for the series victory. By 40-minutes, there was a total of 66 kills, with 496 holding a small lead and by 50-minutes, they had mega creeps marching down the lanes – but the game was not over just yet. One fight was all it took for T1 to turn everything around and race down mid-lane to secure the series.

A thrilling and nail-biting finish to the series and week two of the SEA DPC League as T1 secure their first victory of the year, leaving 496 Gaming with their third loss of the season – with only three series remaining for the qualifier challengers.

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