Among Us survive a brutal series against TNC Predator at DOTA Summit 13: SEA

After we saw two teams eliminated from the playoff stage of
DOTA Summit 13: Southeast Asia yesterday, today we looked to the upper bracket
where two teams would end the day in the lower bracket.

In recent times, Motivate.Trust Gaming have begun to show
that they are one of the best teams in the SEA region, although having a few slip-ups.
The team’s first place finish at the recent Beyond the Summit Pro Series Season
3: SEA was followed by two more top three finishes before dominating the group
stage at DOTA Summit 13: SEA. Their opponents, Adroit Esports, had a long way
to go to return to their amazing form of earlier this year and they tried
everything possible to get that done today.

Game one would see a magnificent back-and-forth brawl
between the two teams, with Adroit being the ones who seemed to be in complete
control after the early to middle game period. With a nearly 20,000 net worth
lead at 43-minutes, they were expected to take a solid victory in the game, but
disaster struck with MTG finding the perfect ending to secure a complete
turnaround and claim game one. After that, the team were not in the best spot
for game two, having a draft that really could not find its footing and falling
behind quickly.

In under 30-minutes, the game was over as Adroit would be
demoted into the lower bracket of DOTA Summit 13: SEA, while Motivate.Trust
Gaming continued their nearly unstoppable run through the event.

The second series of the day would be a huge one with the now-well-known
Among Us squad going up against TNC Predator. Having recently released Park “March”
Tae-won from the roster, TNC would now have to go up against the team using him
as a stand-in, while having to utilise their own stand-in in the form of Matthew
“Whitemon” Filemon. Having tied their groups stage series, today would separate
the two teams in the playoffs.

AU went into game one drafting the well-known IO + Gyrocopter
pick, which TNC seemed to have no clear answer for and as the game progressed,
that became very apparent – although this was not the only strength for them. The
entire AU squad banded together and ripped TNC’s lineup apart, claiming the
first game victory. However, TNC were ready to show their strength in game two
as they found their footing, avoiding a barrage of near turnarounds from AU and
tied up the series at 1-1, with a final and decisive game three to play.

For the final game of the series and the day at DOTA Summit
13: SEA, we would see another epic battle with AU claiming a ton of kills,
while TNC held the net worth lead throughout the early periods. Not even a
RAMPAGE from Muhammad ‘inYourdreaM” Rizky’s Spectre could turn the tides of
battle, as TNC’s lineup were able to always stay ahead of their opponents.

But persistence was what AU had and it begun to pay off,
especially as the game got closer to the one-hour mark. As TNC faltered, making
some rather crucial mistakes, AU were more than ready to take full advantage
and take the lead. After an intense back-and-forth, even with Kim “Gabbi”
Villafuerte’s Terrorblade having a double Divine Rapier, Among Us closed out
the game and took the series 2-1.

That closes out the day at DOTA Summit 13: SEA as tomorrow we will be back to the lower bracket for two elimination series as Adroit take on BOOM Esports and TNC go up against Neon Esports in what should be a double dose of amazing Dota 2 action.

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