BOT TI is returning this coming September

We might not have The International this year, but BOT TI will be here to keep us entertained through the month of September.

Beyond the Summit announced last night the third edition of the event which will take place with upgraded bots and all new items. BOT TI is a computer controlled tournament where five copies of the same hero fight against another five copies of a hero in a double elimination bracket, best of three series. In the past years, the bracket seeding, items used and skills available for the bots have been decided via DOTABUFF’s hero win rate and most commonly used items and skill choices.

Beyond the Summit haven’t given any details on the rule set for this year’s BOT TI edition, but did mention that the bots will be able to cap at level 30 and that they will be given whole new items.

Usually, each level has certain restrictions on what the bots can have in their inventory. For example, last year, the bots were allowed at level 5 to have only Ironwood Branches while at levels 15 and 25 they were given 10,000 and 20,000 gold, respectively.

There is no prize pool for this event as no players are involved in the tournament. In 2018, Elder Titan was the absolute champion of BOT TI, while in 2019, Pangolier won the tournament by reaching the grand finals via upper bracket and taking down Earthshaker 2-1 in the final act.

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