Brazilian Organization Final Level Raises $1.58M Investment

Brazilian gaming company Final Level announced that it is receiving an $8.5M BRL (roughly $1.58M USD) investment led by Atmos Capital, OutField Capital, 1st11, Kaducaio Holding, and other family offices. Final Level owns the esports organization Gamelanders, fielding one of the top Valorant rosters in Brazil and in the world (13th in the world ranking), and a Youtube channel that receives over 500M monthly views.

Final Level/Gamelanders CEO Fernanda Lobão told The Esports Observer the plans for the investment: “We will expand our direct relationship with the gamer community, in addition to the content. This vision comes from the brand strength, community, and engagement that we have achieved with the Final Level, to combine technology and get closer to this gigantic community that today, in Brazil alone, exceeds 80M people. We will seek a more relevant role in the consumption journey of this passionate fan.”

Regarding the esports branch specifically, Lobão said that Final Level is planning “expansions in the esports territory with 100% proprietary initiatives, such as Gamelanders, and other initiatives in partnership with our content creators.” Lobão mentions as an example of expansion the creation of Gamelanders Purple earlier this year, a women’s line up also for Valorant.

Besides the investment in Gamelanders and the competitive scene, the gaming lifestyle business is the flagship of Final Level’s content, attracting brands like Coca-Cola and Subway for marketing activations. The format is so successful that the company plans to export it to media producers abroad who want to build similar content. 

Investors point out that Final Level’s community building is a model to be followed with huge growth potential. They join other Final Level associates such as Felipe Neto, one of the biggest YouTubers in Brazil; former Brazil National Volleyball Team coach Bernardo Rezende (Bernardinho); former communications company Grupo Globo executive João Pedro Paes Leme; former Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB) Marcos Vinicius Freire; and the GO4IT Capital group, which holds the majority of the shares.

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