CDEC Gaming suffer their first series defeat at ESL One Birmingham Online: China

ESL One Birmingham Online: China moved on to a second day of
upper bracket playoff action with CDEC Gaming taking on Royal Never Give Up and
the winning team joining PSG.LGD in the upper bracket final.

After PSG.LGD destroyed Invictus Gaming yesterday, the
second upper bracket game would decide which team would be their next opponent as
RNG and CDEC clashed for the first time at ESL One Birmingham Online: China. Having
dominated the group stage, CDEC were easily considered the favourites to setup
a clash of giants – but RNG had shown some great form recently and would be no
easy challenge.

Going into the first game of the series, it was clear that CDEC
were ready to show their strength as they destroyed RNG in only 25-minutes.
With Wang ‘Ame’ Chunyu on Lycan and Guo ‘Xm’ Hongcheng sporting a Puck, CDEC
left their opponent in the dust as they took the series lead. The next game was
far better from RNG as they finally seemed to have found their footing.
Although the game was fairly back-and-forth, with CDEC having the early
advantage, RNG’s lineup was primed to tie the series and take us to a third and
decisive game.

With their advantage from the previous game, RNG looked undeterred against a strong CDEC draft which included Necrophos and Ursa. Although they were not outright in the lead until near the half hour mark, RNG were able to remain composed and with Gao ‘Setsu’ Zhenxiong’s Lina unkillable at 10-0-12, they were able to secure a 2-1 victory.

Royal Never Give Up now move on in the upper bracket of ESL
One Birmingham Online: China where they will face off against PSG.LGD tomorrow,
with the winner claiming the first spot in the grand finals. For CDEC, after
suffering their first full series defeat, they will have to fight through the
lower bracket, starting with Invictus Gaming on June 6th, 2020.

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