Clash delayed on League's EUW and EUNE servers

League of Legends’ latest Clash weekend has been delayed in the European region following issues with the EUW and EUNE servers for the past few days.

Clash, League’s tournament mode, offers teams of five friends the ability to compete against other teams on Summoner’s Rift for a chance at winning a slew of prizes. The mode has been in the works for a while now but continues to suffer problems whenever a launch is supposed to happen.

Clash has been nicknamed “Crash” for its bugs and frequent crashing, causing server issues. Riot said in a tweet that the current server issues will not be able to allow players to have a good Clash experience, and so it is delayed for a week on the EUW and EUNE servers.

It’s with much sadness we have to delay the EUW and EUN Clash launch from this weekend to next. Server issues (unrelated to Clash) have been impacting those regions for the past 48 hours in ways we can’t give a solid Clash experience. This delay sucks after many prior delays

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