Crimsix Becomes Highest Tournament Earning Player In Call Of Duty History

Dallas Empire’s Ian “C6” Porter, most famously known as Crimsix, has reached a pretty cool milestone in professional Call of Duty history. After he helped the Dallas Empire to a championship victory during Call of Duty League Los Angeles, Crimsix became the top tournament earner of all time for professional Call of Duty.

Crim’s total tournament earning is just over $808k which is good enough for first after passing Damon “Karma” Barlow’s $805k. This is a significant amount of money for the Empire star as he makes his way towards the million dollar mark and those earnings are strictly in terms of tournament victories and doesn’t include standard contracts, etc…

Crimsix has been able to carve out arguably the most impressive Call of Duty career out of any player in history. Not only does he sit atop the throne of most tournament earnings, he also holds the record for most major championship wins at 34. In second comes former teammate turned bad-blood rival, Seth “Scump” Abner who has yet to reach the 30 mark. Both players find themselves on some of the top teams in the Call of Duty League and once the events get going again it will be exciting to see if Scump can close the gap or if Crimsix will continue to distance himself from the rest of the pack.

This new milestone in his career helps Crimsix’s case as possibly the greatest Call of Duty player of all time. There is a lot of talk about who deserves that title including Scump, but it’s hard to argue with the results Crim has been able to put up throughout his entire career. If he can help a relatively inexperienced Dallas Empire team take home the championship trophy at the end of the Call of Duty League season, he might just place himself squarely as the greatest of all time.

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