Cruzeiro Considering Taking Legal Measures Against E-Flix

After having its licensing contract with esports promotion company E-Flix eSports terminated, Cruzeiro Esporte Clube, which holds one of the main soccer clubs in Brazil, made a public statement saying it was surprised by its former partner’s decision and the end of Cruzeiro eSports project. In the announcement, Cruzeiro alleges that E-Flix had never expressed any problem to the club and had even recently renewed the brand licensing to 2025.

The statement also mentions that E-Flix took advantage of Cruzeiro’s brand to be approved into Riot Games’ Brazilian League of Legends Championship (CBLOL), and got known in the esports scene thanks to this partnership, only to abandon the club at the peak of the project.

Cruzeiro says that it will bring the case to its legal department, which will analyze the circumstances of contract termination and, depending on the results, act against E-Flix. Although, the club plans to continue in the esports scene by developing a new project to be announced at “an appropriate time.”

E-Flix claims to have acted “according to the contractual provision that allowed the parties to dissolve the bond.” 

Signs point towards a new partnership to be closed by E-Flix in the following days, before the beginning of the second split of CBLOL. Prior to the abrupt termination with Cruzeiro, the company had presented a branding plan to Riot Games. Riot approved the plan and, in a statement regarding the case, said that “E-Flix will be competing under a new name.”

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