CS:GO Player Gets A Little Too Excited During Flashpoint Tournament

Professional CS:GO player Owen “smooya” Butterfield took his excitement to a new high while competing in Flashpoint 1 – a $1,000,000 CS:GO tournament. Every squad needs a hype-man, and for Chaos Esports Club it’s definitely smooya.

The commentators couldn’t hold their composure as smooya let out a high-pitched screech after helping his team clutch a round against Made in Brazil. They proceeded to compare the player’s energy to that of the infamous goat screaming videos.

Although the goats might be yelling out incoherently, smooya yelled “Que Ota” – Brazilian slang for “want another?” The phrase was made famous in 2016 by Lucas “LUCAS1” Teles after he used the Desert Eagle to take down multiple foes with headshots. The phrase quickly became a favorite, widely adopted by the competitive CS:GO community.

Smooya didn’t stop at yelling “Que Ota” either, giving fans a show by continuing to hype up big plays.

He even went on to deliver the comical line, “Stop being shit! One more round and then we talk so much shit on Twitter, holy f**k.” Luckily for him, they went on to do just that by 2-0-ing their opponents and advancing in the tournament.

Although smooya’s screeching may have been a tad bit too much, his zany energy certainly earned him a lot of attention from fans. As Dr Disrespect has proven, people love seeing personality in the gaming world.

Smooya isn’t the only one with a tendency to flip out during tournaments. In the competitive Call of Duty scene, Clayster has developed a reputation for doing just that. In fact, he is known for yelling across booths directly at his opponents in the middle of live events.

As crazy as players can get, their excitement is unsurprising when considering the huge prize pools their teams compete for. Clayster, for example, is among one of the most successful CoD players of all time; He has racked up almost $750,000 in tournament winnings alone.

Chaos’s next match is on March 21st at 4pm EST, going up against Gen.G in the upper bracket finals of Group B. Unfortunately, smooya won’t be playing in this match as he has been temporarily benched while he gets his visa issues sorted out. Triumph player Logan “Voltage” Long will stand in for the team, hopefully bringing the same hype as the British AWPer.

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