CS:GO Software Platform Leetify Launches Data-Driven Team Finder

Leetify commits itself in providing CS:GO players a way to build a solid team.

Leetify, a software platform which analyses player performance has launched an AI team finder for CS:GO. According to the company, their recent addition will help players struggling to find suitable team members to play with and grow both as an individual and a team.

Valve’s first-person shooter lacks a nurturing environment for players who want to play with a proper team. Even if a player decides on forming a team, there is too much struggle to get like-minded people together.

The Sweden-based company has an advantage when creating a service like the Leetify Team Finder. The platform analyses player data which helps it to find people with similar skill level, schedule and ambition. It also uses Artificial Intelligence to match players.

A centralized solution

Anders Ekman, CEO & Co-Founder of Leetify, says that the launch of the team finger will  enable “more people to take part in the beauty of structured CS”. At the same time it “gives those teams created a much better chance of success.”

Leetify consulted with their users to create a platform that would meet the needs of players. According to Ekman “it was obvious that finding a CS team has been a horrible experience, with no good centralized solutions and often resulting in people hopping from team to team as they quickly disband because of differing opinions on how much to play, ambition and / or differing skill levels. At Leetify, we’re building the ecosystem where any gamer can go from amateur to pro, and playing in a team environment is a vital part of that journey, regardless of your ambition level. Because of the data we generate from your analyzed matches, we’re in a unique position to match like-minded players in teams, and we really hope our new team finder will help more people find a great team for them.”

Leetify looks like a novel way of both analysing and finding teams to help players in their journey of self-improvement. You can sign up for their team finder click here.

Feature Image: Leetify

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