D.Va Leads Way In Overwatch League Week 10 Hero Pool

Another week of the Overwatch League is in the books as the teams scramble to find a “meta” for each week. The hero pools are really throwing a wrench in terms of team compositions and there is no telling what will be thrown at the wall for week ten. The past weekend saw Wrecking Ball, Mei, McCree and Brigitte relegated to the bench and with D.Va sitting on the bench in week ten, it will be interesting to see which hero takes her place.

Sombra, Reaper and Ana join D.Va on the bench for week ten after the two damage dealers saw a significant amount of playtime (especially in the Asian region) over week nine. Ana wasn’t played as much as Lucio or Moira with only a 28.3% usage rate over the past two weekends, but luck of the draw wasn’t on her side. D.Va was one of two tanks to see over 50% play rate with Reinhardt charging ahead in that metric while Reaper was the overwhelming favorite for DPS play leading all other heroes by at least 30%.

With a significant amount of the CC heroes banned for week nine like Mei, McCree and Brigitte, some thought the league would see a resurgence in dive comps, but it didn’t happen. Instead, we got a lot of death ball comps and Torbjörn leading the resistance against dive heroes with his trusty (and pesky) turret. He probably saw the most playtime he ever has throughout the entirety of the Overwatch League. Reinhardt still reigns supreme as the strongest main tank out there, but changes to his steadfast moving forward might shift the balance a bit.

It’s almost impossible to predict what type of meta will emerge for week ten as some teams try and find the strongest possible comp and others tend to play to their strengths as individuals. This is D.Va’s first week banned, though, so some form of double-shield comps is a high possibility.

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