Edward Gaming set to build $1.5 billion esports center

Edward Gaming are looking to make huge moves with the construction of a “Shanghai International Culture and Creative Esports Center”. The project being done by Edward Gaming and parent company SuperGen will cost over 10 billion yuan to complete.

The project is slated to be completed in 2023 and will play host to a plethora of features, a hotel, venue, office space for EDG, and more. Oh and there’s going to be a pool and indoor skydiving?

There’s going to be plenty of room for it though with the facility taking up 500k square meters or 5.38m square feet.

It is expected that the facility will play host to 300 international esports competitions per year with enough space for an on-site audience of 6,000.

The facility will need a staff and will be filling roughly 2,000 open positions in addition to housing other esports companies in its walls. EDG and SuperGen join many other esports organizations in building out remarkable facilities but this one may just steal the cake once completed given the depth of their offering outside of the typical esports headquarters.

Photo: SuperGen

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