ESL implementing health screening at IEM Katowice amidst coronavirus outbreak

In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, ESL will be implementing a health screening for those attending the IEM Katowice event in Poland. The coronavirus has already been seen in 33 countries with over 80,000 confirmed cases with just under 3,000 deaths.

The event is open to the public this weekend as fans descend on the Spodek Arena from February 28th to March 1st. ESL has stated they’re monitoring the situation closely as it “evaluates the health and safety status of fans, players, and staff on a daily basis.”

ESL has “worked closely with the local government and health authorities to add additional precautions for everyone attending,” according to the official announcement. “As part of the precautions, we have added health screening for all attendees, including temperature checks at entryways, additional medical professionals onsite, and additional sanitization stations onsite.”

According to the post, the main addition will be a temperature check as well as potential interviews being conducted prior to fans entering the arena.

Any attendees “coming from high risk areas” will be required to have a valid health certificate or have been told to “attend additional health screenings.”

In addition, there will extra medical staff and first aid patrol alongside an increased number of hygiene stations throughout the venue.

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