Esports Org Tempo Storm Raised $3.3M To Become A Multimedia Developer

Tempo Storm, which is known for having esports teams competing in games like Rainbow Six Siege, PUBG Mobile, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, recently raised $3.3 million to produce more content and expanding its horizons.

Its latest funding round was lead by Galaxy Interactive, a interactive content and technology investor, which suggests that Tempo Storm is looking at exploring the world of video games beyond traditional esports.

“While Tempo is well-known in the competitive gaming world, we’ve always operated more as a media company than a sports team,” CEO Andrey “reynad” Yanyuk said on Tempo Storm’s website. “We believe that interactivity is the future of entertainment, and we’re incredibly grateful to be working with investors who share that vision. Our upcoming game and audience-driven shows are blazing the trail in the world of interactive media, and it’s exciting to see that future being realized.”

Tempo Storm is currently working on a deck-building card game, The Bazaar, and its quasi-reality show Game Changers. Whether or not Tempo Storm will move away from esports and instead focus fully on content creation remains to be seen, but it does serve as an interesting prospect going forward and shows that Tempo Storm is interested in trying new things.

Tempo Storm is hoping to expand its creations and build up a Game Changers franchise. Though Tempo Storm is a global esports brand, it is also a media company and thus is interested in pursuing different media-related projects.

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