European Clubs To Compete In #UltimateQuaranTeam FIFA 20 Tournament

English soccer club Leyton Orient has managed to recruit 128 teams from around the world to compete in a FIFA 20 tournament dubbed Ultimate QuaranTeam.

The global spread of the coronavirus is affecting everyone and everything in an unprecedented fashion. In the video game world, conventions and tournaments worldwide have either been postponed or canceled entirely since no one really knows when life will return to normal. The sports world has been affected in much the same way.

There’s no soccer, basketball, football, not really much sport of any kind going on for the foreseeable future. Over the weekend, soccer clubs in Europe resorted to playing games of Connect 4 against each other on Twitter in place of postponed matches. English soccer club Leyton Orient, which plays its soccer in League Two, quickly upped the stakes.

Those in charge of Orient’s Twitter account announced that they were trying to organize a 64-team tournament on FIFA 20. A tournament between representatives from clubs and teams all over the world. Orient has dubbed the invitational the Ultimate QuaranTeam and if a club is represented on FIFA 20, then they were able to include themselves in the tournament. It proved so popular right off the bat that Orient decided to double the pool from 64 teams to 128.

Manchester City has declared for the tournament and revealed representatives from its official esports team will play its matches. An early favorite to win it all right there. Much of the contingent is made up of English soccer clubs, but there are even a couple of teams from as far afield as Australia getting in on the fun, as well as South African club Orlando Pirates. The draw to decide who will face who in the first round is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, March 18, 2020.

Orient has revealed its plans to stream their own matches on Twitch, but has left it in the hands of the individual clubs to decide what they all want to do personally. As for how the tournament will work, the rules are yet to be announced. The main reason for doing all this, aside from staving off the boredom of a lack of live soccer, is to help raise money for soccer clubs on the brink of survival before the pandemic, but are now being pushed to their limits.

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