FlyQuest to Broadcast LCS Matches for Spanish-Speaking Audiences

U.S. esports organization FlyQuest will broadcast the Spring 2021 season of the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) in Spanish. Working with the LCS as part of the league’s co-streaming program, FlyQuest will not only stream its matches, but all matches of the season on its Twitch channel. FlyQuest  VP of Content  Ricky Gonzalez spoke to The Esports Observer regarding this move by the organization to support the Spanish-speaking audience:

“After signing Josedeodo [Brendon Joel Villegas, Argentinian player], we immediately began brainstorming ways to support the fanbase that comes with such a beloved LATAM player. We wanted to create something that allows the wider Spanish-speaking community to follow along more closely with the storylines of these new players joining the LCS. ‘FlyQuest Presents: LCS En Vivo’ is our first step in facilitating that storytelling.”

To make it happen, FlyQuest approached both Riot Games NA and LATAM in 2020, being given the opportunity to broadcast the league working closely not only with the LCS team but also with the Latin America League (LLA), to ensure the quality of the transmissions. The streaming team will be composed of Hannah “Cherrigan” Wotton, Juliana “Lenore” Ardila, Abdiel Tyrone, Carlos “DCStar” Mendez, and Gaston ‘Nerakk’ Camelino.

“In furthering our vision of Showcase Greatness [motto used by FlyQuest], we aim to use this project as a way to showcase the greatness of the LCS and its amazing stories to the Spanish-speaking audience. Through this collaborative project with the LLA and LCS, we hope to build a warm and welcoming community that can share the excitement of the LCS while promoting some of the incredible Latin American talents both on and off the rift,“ Gonzalez said.

The first stream will happen on Friday, featuring the season opener between FlyQuest and TSM. Gonzalez also promises further content to the audience FlyQuest is aiming through the project: “We hope that this broadcast is a great first step in integrating the Spanish-speaking community into the fanbase of the LCS. In addition, we’ll be launching several new content properties that bring both the LLA and LCS closer together, highlighting storylines, players, and events from both regions.“

Editor’s note: The first paragraph of this story has been adjusted for clarification, as FlyQuest didn’t secure “rights to broadcast,” but is simply co-streaming it.

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