Fnatic and T1 survive the first elimination round in the ESL One Thailand playoffs

Fnatic were pitted in the first elimination series against Geek Fam, who entered the event with Azel “Abed” Yusop stand-in in the carry role.

With him playing more of the win condition heroes for Geek Fam, Fnatic strategized carefully around countering him or matching some of his most powerful picks. In game one, for example, they replied with a Phantom Lancer to Abed’s Arc Warden and relied on the powerful Phoenix-Mars team fight combo to corner Geek Fam fast and smother their map presence. Fnatic executed their strategy to perfection to end the game in 35 minutes with a 42 to 12 lead on the kills score and a nearly 30K networth advantage.

The second game went down even quicker, as Fnatic came once again with a team fight draft on their mind and heavy right click damage from Drow Ranger to execute Abed’s Phantom lancer from early stage to the end. Unfortunately for the Geek Fam fans, this is where the ESL One Thailand journey ended for their team.

Along with Geek Fam, Motivate.Trust Gaming have also been eliminated today after being bested 0-2 by T1 in the opening series of Day 1 in the playoffs.

Both T1 and Fnatic have now secured a top six finish in the tournament and will resume their matches on the 3rd of September. Until then, TNC Predator will take on Neon Esports and  Sparking Arrow Gaming will fight against BOOM Esports in the upper bracket semifinals starting tomorrow, September 2 at 08:00 CEST/ 14:00 PST.


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