Fnatic Confirms Commitment to India Following Release of PUBG Mobile Roster

Reports and rumors have swirled for several days regarding the status of esports organization Fnatic’s investment in India and the fate of its PUBG Mobile team. In an interview with AFK Gaming, the organization confirmed the release of the team as well as its India lead Nimish Raut. However, the company also stated its intent to remain in the Indian market, and to eventually return to PUBG Mobile.

The team has been unable to compete in official PUBG Mobile tournaments since the game was banned in India in Sept. 2020. According to statements from Fnatic, releasing the players allows them to seek opportunities in other regions, and Fnatic will look to resume its presence in the title when it becomes viable again to do so.

Fnatic also stated that it will look for other opportunities in India beyond PUBG Mobile.

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