Fnatic maintain first place after a rough win over Schalke 04 during LEC week 6

Fnatic picked up their second win of the week, cementing themselves as the leaders of the League of Legends European Championship standings in an intense game against Schalke 04. The game was a bloodbath with 29 kills in 31 minutes.

While the entire roster of Fnatic outperformed S04’s players, S04 refused to give up and tried to come back into the game with a better macro play. Their attempts were unsuccessful, and they fell to Fnatic’s superior display of skill. The Player of the Game title was picked up by Fnatic AD carry Rekkles, who had a wonderful game on Aphelios, finishing with a KDA of 9/1/4.

Fnatic used Herald to take down the mid lane inhibitor of S04 at around 19 minutes, which gave them room to play around the map and secure other objectives. While the game seemed doomed for S04, the players found ways to come back. They started farming the waves which were permanently pushing into their base and began slowly coming back into the game.

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