Fnatic move to first place after a victory over Neon in the SEA DPC League

Southeast Asia’s Dota Pro Circuit League would see only one series today, but it was a massive one which would decide which team would move into first place as Fnatic took on Neon Esports.

Neon Esports were currently unbeaten in the SEA DPC League, showing some amazing performances against some of the best teams in the region. However, that was about to be tested as their first-place spot in the standings came under fire from Fnatic – a team which had only stumbled once so far and were looking to claim the Major playoff spot for themselves.

While in the drafting phase, it became very clear that Neon was going to have an extremely rough time in game one, having nothing to really deal with the Kam Boon “Moon” Seng Storm Spirit – while also having to contend with the now-standard Marc Polo “Raven” Luis Fausto carry IO. Although they showed some signs of life during the mid-game period, it was not a game that Neon could win, as Fnatic’s draft outclassed them across the board. Game two was far better from Neon, as they managed to actually find a foothold and fight their opponents in a fairly back-and-forth manner. It took over half an hour for Neon to find their moment, but once they did, Fnatic fell apart as the series moved to a decisive game three.

Although Neon was able to find some crucial kills in the final game, Fnatic were constantly pulling ahead with some brilliant teamfights and great map control. From around the half hour mark, Neon was locked into their base, defending where possible while Fnatic slowly sieged the high ground. It took nearly an hour for things to come to a close, but it was Fnatic who came out on top, claiming a 2-1 victory.

For Neon, this would be their first lose in the SEA DPC League and it, unfortunately, puts them into second place, with Fnatic taking the top spot for the time being. Both teams now have only one final series to play which will take place on January 24th and 25th – with Fnatic taking on TNC Predator and Neon fighting T1 on the final day of action.

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