Fortnite: FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 4 Week 3 Final Results

Which teams came out on top in the final FNCS Season 4 Qualifier?

Chapter 2 – Season 4 Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Qualifiers have officially come to a close after three weeks of pulse-pounding action. Competitive Fortnite players worldwide are competing in teams of three for a massive $5 million prize pool spread across seven regions and two platforms. Thus far, several trios have secured themselves a spot in stage two of this competition, commonly known as heats, where all trios will separate into different groups for Grand Finals qualification. It’s the most exciting time of this competitive season as Epic Games prepares to crown 14 regional trio winners, seven on PC and seven on console. Those players will gain the in-game Axe of Champions and a share of $5 million.

Last week’s FNCS Qualifier produced multiple back-to-back winners, who repeated after finding success in week one. The top trios are starting to separate themselves from the pack. The third and final qualifier concluded earlier this evening. It was the last opportunity for teams to qualify either through series points or Grand Finals placement.

Before we readjust for stage two, let’s see how each region shook out for FNCS Week 3. Keep in mind that the top 8 trios from the Middle East, Oceania and Asia regions at the end of the Grand Finals will advance themselves to stage two – also known as heats. For the more populated areas – NA East, NA West, Brazil and Europe – the top 15 trios will achieve the same. We’d also like to thank Kinch Analytics for providing the leaderboards displayed below.

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EU – JannsiZ, Andilex and Xsweeze Pop Off on Day Two

Former FNCS Champions Wave JannisZ (Invitational) and MCES Andilex (C2S2) surged up the leaderboard on day two with three-time FNCS Finalist Xsweeze. They closed their final six matches with two Victory Royales, 40 eliminations and 117 points in total. JannisZ, Andilex and Xsweeze’s two-day total amounted to 201 points, good enough for first place by a healthy margin. They are now two-time qualifiers who will be looking to continue this momentum into FNCS Heats.

The trio of top players Umplify, Matsoe and Adn finished week three with 170 points, one Victory Royale and 68 eliminations. As a result of their performance, these three players became one of only two teams to qualify for Europe FNCS Heats in all three weeks. Hen, Decyptos and Putrick took third place with 167 points and. The always entertaining team of FaZe Mongraal, Liquid Mitr0 and TaySon finished in 11th, earning their third straight qualification to FNCS Heats. Week one and two winners Keziix, 4zr and Nayte failed to reach the Grand Finals for the first time.

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NAE – Commandment, Cented and Edgey Close Qualifiers with a Win

Another week down and another new winner in the ultra-competitive NA East region. This time, TSM Commandment, NRG Edgey and Liquid Cented pulled out an impressive victory, despite a logjam atop the leaderboard. Commandment and company turned up the heat on day two, earning 153 points on top of 83 from day one. Their two Victory Royales and 44 eliminations over the final six matches secured their second straight qualification into FNCS Heats. Some other top trios were not far behind.

The full Team New Age team of Reverse2k, Deyy and Mero flirted with victory after leading day one. Although they could not complete a Victory Royale, they delivered 79 eliminations, far more than any other team in the finals. Their consistency as three-time qualifiers will undoubtedly aid them through stage two. Resident Doom’s Domain trio – NRG Zayt, TSM Saf and Liquid STRETCH – earned four Victory Royales through the entire Grand Finals. They finished with 199 points in third place.

Fortnite World Cup Champion Bugha, C9 Avery and LG Jamper took fourth place and NRG Clix, FaZe Bizzle and illest rounded out the top-five. This region continues to impress with different success stories week in and week out.

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NAW – Little, Temple and Jay Slay Their Way to Victory

Little, Temple and CLG Jay did the seemingly impossible, defeating two-time winners Arkhram, rehx and EpikWhale in the Grand Finals. It was quite the performance across the final 12 matches. The three NA West Champions combined for 80 eliminations and two Victory Royales. Little, Temple and Jay also managed over 100 points per day. Perhaps this victory is the hope NAW needs to overcome the onslaught of Arkhram’s trio.

Kenshi, maken and TD Dog also broke the 200-point threshold, ending with 217 overall. They matched the winners with two Victory Royales but fell short in the slaying department. Two-time FNCS Qualifier Champs – Arkhram, rehx and EpikWhale – finished the day with 163 points. Their dominance throughout this competition should make them a heavy favorite heading in FNCS Heats. Hopefully, some other teams will make the next two rounds interesting.

SA – Frosty, Kurtz and Redlee Capitalize in the Finals

After two straight weeks of pure dominance out of k1ng, Seeyun and Rustyk, the three South Americans failed to reach the Grand Finals. In their place stood FNCS Invitational Champion Frosty, alongside Kurtz and Redlee, who won the week three qualifier. They turned in four Victory Royales across 12 matches with a whopping 90 eliminations. All eyes unquestionably remain on the k1ng and company, who looked otherworldly in the first two weeks. However, Frosty’s team could make things interesting.

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OCE – Basil, Vortex and Jace Steamroll the Competition

Oceania is proving to be one of the more diverse regions in terms of its talent. The first two weeks saw two different winners, unlike many of the other areas. Week three produced one of the more dominant performances to date, with IMS basil, IMS Vortex and IMS Jace accumulating 258 points. They won three of their twelve matches with 79 eliminations, topping all other trios in week three. Week one champions RNG Jynx, alecc and PWR worthy finished in 11th, whereas week two winners x2Twins Jesse, x2Twins Jordan and RBK volx grabbed a third-place finish.

Asia – FaxFox, PeterPan and Sseak Eclipse 200 Points

The trend of repeated winners ended in the Asia region as FaxFox, PeterPan and Sseak finished in first place. These three players reached an astounding 227 points, earning over 100 in each of the last two days. Their 75 eliminations and three Victory Royales led all finalists. Weeks one and two winners WildHawk, naetor and Qjac fell to fourth in week three but still managed another qualification to the next round.

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ME – A New Team on Top

After repeat winners in weeks one and two, SAQR MAX DAMAGE, Phoenix Kai and 25 ABUFAL7 claimed the first place spot in week three. This team improved from 14th last week to secure their second qualification into heats. Weeks one and two winners KuKi, Mev and Nyle finished in ninth place but will undoubtedly be ready for FNCS Heats. The Middle East region should produce some action-packed games in stage two.

That concludes FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 4 Qualifiers. Next, we move into FNCS Heats to decide which trios will reach Chapter 2 – Season 4 Finals. Stay tuned to ESTNN for the latest updates!

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