Fortnite player discovers entertaining propane tank glitch

With the release of Fortnite Season 2, Epic Games added new locations to the map. One of these locations, The Rig, contains propane tanks that can be used in combat. The propane tanks can also be moved and positioned around The Rig.

However, moving these tanks too far causes them to glitch. A Fortnite fan made a short video and uploaded it to the Fortnite Reddit page explaining the glitch and its impact.

  • Propane tank glitch

    The player can be seen holding the propane tank and moving away from The Rig. Suddenly, the propane tank gets stuck on the player’s hand and is no longer usable. Although the glitch does not hinder your ability to play, it does cause some issues. The video demonstrates that the glitch can block a player’s vision when aiming down sight. This makes a gunfight increasingly difficult as players may not be able to see their weapon or the enemy.

    On the other hand, there is an amusing element to the glitch. When using emotes, the stuck propane tank can be featured in these. In the video, the Fortnite player demonstrates these emotes, for example, “spin the propane” and “play the propane.”

  • There’s a bug that doesn’t allow you to bring the propane tanks past a certain point by The Rig, and it does something odd. I made a small video about how it happens. Enjoy!
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      Fortnite fans have recognized the funny side of the glitch. One fan also commented, “this almost makes me want to do it on purpose.” Currently, it is unknown what is causing this glitch, or if Epic Games are aware of it. With that in mind, if you want to test out your emotes using the propane tank, why not try it?

      Fortnite bugs can be reported on the official Trello board. Here, players can also see the status of bugs that Epic Games are working on.

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