FURIA look to replace HEN1 – report

FURIA is looking to replace Henrique “HEN1” Teles in the active lineup. This information comes out of a report by DBLTAP which states this move comes from issues “outside of the server.”

Given FURIA’s participation in the BLAST Premier Fall Showdown, a replacement for HEN1 wouldn’t come into effect right away. It is expected that this move will not come to fruition until after the aforementioned BLAST event as well as DreamHack Masters Winter and the IEM Global Challenge which FURIA is set to compete in in the near future.

Given the team is currently living in Europe to compete in these events, it makes sense that a change would have to come after so as to not make things even more complicated given the ongoing global pandemic.

HEN1 has been a member of FURIA since September of 2019 since he was released from Luminosity alongside the rest of the lineup after 14 months. The PGL Major finalist has served FURIA’s main AWP since his addition and helped guide the team to victories at DreamHack Masters Spring, DreamHack Open Summer, and ESL Pro League Season 12.

It’s also worth noting that the report states that FURIA has not ruled out changing another player as well.

Who would you like to see taking HEN1’s place on FURIA should it come to be? Let us know in the comments or on social media!

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