G2 take down Fnatic to advance to IEM Katowice grand finals

G2 defeated Fnatic 2-1 today at IEM Katowice’s semifinal and are the first CS:GO team qualified for the best-of-five grand finals tomorrow.

Not only does this win put G2 in the grand finals, but the French have also increased their win streak in 2020. KennyS and crew are undisputed this year, having won all of the nine best-of-three series they played so far. The last round of Train, the third map, was decided by the last second after Fnatic failed to defuse the bomb in time to continue their comeback and it exploded to give G2 the win by 16-12.

G2 kicked off the series with a win on Inferno, which was Fnatic’s map pick. The French side had a solid CT-side display and just exchanged some rounds before closing the map 16-12. Two of their French players, kennyS and Audric “JaCkz” Jug carried the rest of the team with 55 frags combined.

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