Hangzhou Spark Start Manga Series To Follow Their 2020 Season

Fans of the Overwatch League come from a variety of diverse backgrounds with an abundance of interests. They enjoy different teams for different reasons. They gravitate towards certain heroes for different reasons. Yet, there are still a lot of common interests within the fandom, and the Hangzhou Spark have recently ventured into the anime/manga sphere that is quite prevalent with a lot of the fans out there.

The Hangzhou Spark haven’t had the opportunity to play a match in their 2020 season yet as the global pandemic caused the league to cancel a ton of home matches and scramble to transition into an online format for the time being. The Spark finally get a chance to play this upcoming weekend and to celebrate the occasion, they released a small opening chapter for the supposedly upcoming manga series set to capture Hangzhou’s journey throughout the 2020 season.

Everything works in this two-page manga perfectly titled “Chapter 0: The Match We Long For.” The manga captures the aesthetic and layout of traditional manga and also sets up their anticipated first match against the Chengdu Hunters. Players are highlighted and show off their personalities through effective use of word bubbles and illustrations and one can’t help but feel hyped for the Spark’s debut after reading it. It’s unclear how often the Spark will produce these manga chapters as the season goes on, but it would be a cute, exciting way to set themselves apart from other teams and bring another level of engagement to their passionate fanbase.

The Hangzhou Spark have consistently produced unique content to set themselves apart from the rest of the league since their inception. This was done through a variety of different items such as weekly match posters and some of the best art, graphics in the entire league. The Spark releasing a manga is just another way one of the most engaging and interesting teams in the league continue to carve out their own identity moving forward through their 2020 season.

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