IGC Announces Wild Rift Tournament in Brazil, Razer Signs on as Sponsor – The Esports Observer

Immortals Gaming Club (IGC) announced that it is including Wild Rift in its Latin American gaming platform service Gamers Club and launching a tournament on it with a $15K (roughly $2.9K USD) prize pool. Named “Conquest,” the tournament is sponsored by Razer and open for Gamers Club users to register.

Open qualifiers will be held on June 14-22, and the main event, to be streamed through Gamers Club’s channel on Twitch, on June 26-27. The tournament and the official release of Wild Rift on the service is a result of a beta-testing phase held in May to “engage the community, understand their needs and be able to take another step in the plurality of games on the platform.”

Other games available on Gamers Club are Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Fortnite, Valorant, and League of Legends. In its efforts to access the mobile gaming community, Wild Rift is not the first step into the scene: it previously held projects on Free Fire, which were discontinued from January 2021 as contracts with partners ended.

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