Jensen renews with Team Liquid for three years and 4.2 million dollars

While the transfers of players between teams are suspended until the official offseason begins, some teams are using their time without games to organize their rosters and face the next season. It has been the case of Team Liquid, which has re-signed an interesting contract with one of their signature players.

The movement made by the legendary North-American team has been quite criticized by the community. In a time when everybody admits that the LCS has a huge problem with the talent and structure of the competition, Travis Gafford brought a rumor that looks like a certainty:

Sources: Jensen has reached an agreement to re-sign with Team Liquid in a new 3-year contract said to be valued at $4.2 million.

— Travis Gafford (@TravisGafford) October 27, 2020

Before this reveal, there were many rumors about it, since the Danish mid laner was about to end his contract with Team Liquid the upcoming November.

Now, Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen apparently has a schedule for the next three years with his team in exchange for $4.2 million ($1.4 million per year).

It is true that Jensen is a classic in North America, a signature player, a captain… but days ago it seemed like the region was about to reset and start a reconstruction process that absolutely contradicts this decision.

Jensen is clearly not a top tier mid laner and his salary triplicates the average of the LCS. Actually, this average salary ($400.000 per year) was one of the most important points to discuss in the transformation of the North-American league.

Overpaid players for an underperforming region, and Jensen renewing for 4.2 million dollars, becoming the best-paid player of the LCS… not the happiest of the news for many fans.

The news about Jensen’s contract comes after another controversial leak, which claims that Team Liquid is close to recruiting Barney “Alphari” Morris for the upcoming season for approximately 1 million dollars per year.

It is true that Jensen, CoreJJ, and Alphari could be part of a great roster, but Team Liquid will need to get some titles next year to justify their transformation into one of the most expensive rosters in LCS history.

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