LEC arrives at four-way tie for first place at Split's half point

Half of the LEC Spring Split matches have been played already, but the league is no closer to answering the question who is the definitive favorite for the title. If past splits had the five G2 Esports leading the charge with Fnatic close by, the 2020 Spring Split is in a four-way dreadlock for first place.

After a 2-0 weekend against Rogue and Origen, Fnatic can finally say they are a top 1 team, even though they share the spotlight with three other teams. At the same time, all other top spot contenders in G2 Esports, Misfits, and Origen failed to pull off a 2-0 weekend, even though they only played against lower ranked teams.

The very same weekend included a couple of great storylines, which led to the aforementioned tie. After a shaky 0-2 start in week 1, Misfits went on a seven game win-streak before Rogue put a stop to it. Rogue had struggled against all the top teams in the league, and were on their way to losing their second encounter with Misfits too until a massive teamfight at the very end of the game turned it all around.


G2’s loss to MAD Lions was very similar. The “samurai” led the “lions” by 3K gold at the 24 minute mark until a Baron fight saw MAD win a four-for-one team fight, melting the gold difference. In a single push, the Lions wrecked every turret and every inhibitor of G2 Esports and finished the week just one win below the top four.

LEC’s four-way tie opens a few questions ahead of week 6. On paper, G2 Esports have the best chance to score a 2-0 weekend and get back to the top, as they’re playing against SK Gaming and Vitality — the two weakest teams in the league — but their 0-2 weekend from week 4, and especially the loss to Schalke 04, still stands as a cautionary tale. If G2 can’t pull ahead in week 6, then they might be in big trouble, as week 7 has them facing both Origen and Fnatic, a pair of matches that could finally topple them from the peak.

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