Meteos on Cloud9’s success: “They’re just looking for any and every fight they can take”

For LCS fans curious about Cloud9’s secret to success, League of Legends veteran Meteos may have an answer.

100 Thieves’ jungler broke down how the undefeated C9 have been able to dominate the competition in an interview with League reporter Travis Gafford. Meteos attributes the insane streak to their ability to engage in teamfights constantly without fear of losing.

“All their laners seem really good and they’re all just super in-sync with what’s going on,” Meteos said. “They’re just looking for any and every fight they can take. They don’t seem to worry that much like about ‘hey, maybe we’ll lose this fight.’ I don’t think they’ve ever opted to not fight so they just play extremely aggressively and I think they get advantages through lane as well.”

The jungler also explained that C9 follows a similar tried-and-true playstyle each game that helps them maintain the advantage. Bot laners Zven and Vulcan push hard and win lane, allowing jungler Blaber to solo dragon at five minutes. Then, at eight minutes, C9 snag Rift Herald and focus drakes whenever they respawn.

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