mousesports add Renegades' mithR as head coach

mousesports have signed Torbjørn “⁠mithR⁠” Nyborg from Renegades the organization has revealed. The now former Renegades head coach will take over that role for mousesports which has been left without one since Allan “⁠Rejin⁠” Petersen was issued a ban for abusing the coaching bug as part of the ESIC investigation.

Rejin has been banned for 19.8 months with that time starting at the end of September.

mithR will not be joining the team effective immediately as it’s been ruled he will be unable to participate in the teams Group B upper bracket match against Astralis at IEM Beijing-Haidan today. This is due to his signing not being officially passed on to the tournament organizer more than eight hours prior to the match.

The 30-year-old had been the head coach of Renegades for four months. Previously mithR had coached ALTNERNATE aTTaX, North, and Apeks briefly.

mousesports CS:GO division:

 Chris “⁠chrisJ⁠” de Jong
 Robin “⁠ropz⁠” Kool
 Finn “⁠karrigan⁠” Andersen
 David “⁠frozen⁠” Čerňanský
 Aurimas “⁠Bymas⁠” Pipiras

 Torbjørn “⁠mithR⁠” Nyborg (coach)

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