MTG Arena launches first Mythic Point Challenge tournament: Here’s how to watch it

Top MTG Arena players have been invited to compete in the first Mythic Point Challenge this weekend. They’ll be playing for partial season 2020 Mythic Points and a chance to earn a seat at the upcoming Magic: The Gathering Mythic Invitational Ikoria.

Wizards of the Coast added Mythic Point Challenge tournaments to the 2020 schedule as another means to earn points throughout a season and a possible seat at Mythic Invitationals. During the 2019 season, Mythic Invitationals were Mythic Championships, containing only 68 competitors. 

Starting with the partial 2020 season, however, MTG Arena Mythic Invitationals will contain up to 128 players. People competing in Mythic Challenge Point events will have a chance to earn one of those seats, along with Mythic Points for the season and gems in Arena

How to watch Mythic Point Challenge?

There isn’t an official stream for the Magic Arena Mythic Point Challenge event, but some players will stream their matches while competing. WotC doesn’t have coordinated plans at this time to share these streams via its Magic Twitch channel. Fans who want to watch matches, though, can scroll the MTG Twitch page on Feb. 29 for streamers with Arena Mythic Point Challenge in their titles, according to WotC. 

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