MTG gets Secret Lair: Ultimate Edition & Signature Spellbook: Chandra

Wizards of the Coast has announced two new Magic: The Gathering (MTG) products for players to get excited over, Secret Lair: Ultimate Edition and Signature Spellbook: Chandra. With Secret Lair: Ultimate Edition, players will get one of each of the enemy-colored fetch lands, all with new art. Similar to previous Signature Spellbooks, the new Chandra-focused set will have handpicked red cards themed around the fiery Planeswalker.

Magic: The Gathering’s favorite lands are back – kinda

One of the mainstays of competitive Magic: The Gathering are the fetch lands. These cycles of lands are heavily prevalent in everything from Modern to Commander, which is why Wizards of the Coast is dedicating a whole Secret Lair to them. Each land will have new art, each one from a different plane in Magic’s lore.

The Marsh Flats is from Lorwyn, Scalding Tarn is from Dominaria, Verdant Catacombs is Innistrad, Arid Mesa shows Amonkhet, and Misty Rainforest is on Ixalan.

Each Secret Lair: Ultimate Edition includes one of each land, all non-foil. Stores will be limited to around 10 Secret Lairs at launch on May 29.

Surprise! We’re making fetch(lands) happen at your local game store. 

Making Fetch Happen—Secret Lair: Ultimate Edition

Secret Lair: Ultimate Edition is making fetch happen with a collection of five enemy fetch lands featuring new art from premier Magic artists.

This fetch land-focused Secret Lair is unique in that it is not considered a Drop Series. This is because Wizards of the Coast will not be selling them directly. Instead, this Secret Lair will be available at local Wizards Play Network stores.

Wizards considers a “Drop Series” to be the print-to-demand sets that it sells exclusively online. Previously released Secret Lair sets like the Year of the Rat and International Women’s Day are considered Drop Series.

Wizards of the Coast hints at more fetch lands coming this year. This Secret Lair: Ultimate Edition is also not a one-time print run. Later this year the Ultimate Edition will be part of what Wizards calls a “superdrop,” where players will be able to purchase Secret Lairs as part of a bigger bundle. The release date for the next superdrop will be sometime this June. Unfortunately, those capable of purchasing the bundle will only receive one random fetch land for each bundle purchased. Wizards said that more details will be coming soon.

The post also stated that more fetch lands will be coming soon in different ways. Wizards was careful to state that fetch lands will not be entering Magic: The Gathering’s Standard 2020 season. They did, however, leave open the possibility of fetch lands coming in 2021 or beyond. Wizards of the Coast is also intentionally vague in stating how more fetch lands will be coming soon. There are still five allied fetch lands that they can print, and with 2020 being the Year of Commander, we could likely see it in this year’s Commander product release.

Burn them out with Signature Spellbook: Chandra

The Signature Spellbook: Chandra announcement is not much more than a teaser, but it is a neat one! In this Chandra-themed Spellbook, players will get eight powerful red spells with new art all focusing around Chandra.

Each Signature Spellbook: Chandra will also include a random premium foil card, so fingers crossed you get that Past in Flames. Signature Spellbook: Chandra will be available in stores June 26.

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