Newlywed ppd reaches top three at BTS Pro Series Season 4: Americas with SADBOYS

Peter “ppd” Dager is set to end the year on a positive note. In between mounting a comeback to the professional scene side by side with his old Evil Geniuses teammate, Clinton “Fear” Loomis, and getting married, PPD is looking at a busy December.

SADBOYS, the tag that served back in 2014 as trial for what was about to become the TI5 winning line-up of Evil Geniuses, was resurrected by PPD and Fear earlier this month when both of them decided it’s time to get back in shape and come out of retirement in time for the 2021 Dota Pro Circuit season.

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For ppd, the month of December has brought plenty of positives, not only that he got married, but he is also now two series away from claiming the BTS Pro Series Season 4: Americas title.

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An honorable 9-5 game score through the group stage set SADBOYS for an upper bracket start in the playoff. Their first adversaries on the road to the grand finals were beastcoast, who got bested 2-0 courtesy of two drafts featuring plenty of control and team fight tools coming from SADBOYS. The first game was secured by ppd with the Io-Gyro duo and the Eul-Mirana arrow set-up that got beastcoast’s Spectre-Kunkka cores in trouble. 

SADBOYS secured the Spectre for themselves in the second match of the series and paired it with Oracle and Clockwerk in the support line to ensure both initiation and save option for their carry. While beastcoast were fielding a line-up focused on teamfights, SADBOY’ constant hunt on the map didn’t allow them to execute the Blackhole – Mortimer Kisses combo and had them pushed into the lower bracket rounds.

With the 7.28 MISTWOOD update expected to be released today, Thursday, December 17, SADBOYS have a high chance to fight against 4Zoomers for a spot into the grand finals on the new patch, which should make for an epic final to watch. 

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