Ninja is returning to Twitch to continue his streaming career

Ninja has revealed his new home! The gaming personality superstar has finally announced where he’ll be continuing his streaming career and it’s back to where it started – Twitch.

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins had been mostly inactive since the announcement that Microsoft’s Mixer would be shutting down in July. Since then he’d done one stream on YouTube and one on Twitch which many assumed was to show to those around the negotiation table that he could still pull the big numbers.

Many thought he’d be heading to YouTube given his nearly 24 million subscribers on the platform and somewhat heated break up with Twitch last year. After his move to Mixer, Twitch had continued to use Ninja’s channel to redirect users checking it out to other streamers on the platform. This took a turn for the worst when a channel was able to stream pornography on the platform for hours before it was taken care of, and to make matters worse it was one of the streams advertised on Ninja’s old page on the site.

A streamer who was known for having a majority of his audience under the age of 18 certainly still had people checking on his page who weren’t aware of his switch to Mixer. These minors would in turn have been shown pornography through his page. This led to a lot of backlash from the streamer and his community and resulted in Twitch shutting down the page. It seems like water under the bridge now, however, as he’s made his decision to reunited with the platform into the future.

As of now there’s been no official word on when his return stream will take place although one would assume it’ll be within the coming days.

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