Overwatch Contenders Canceled in South America

Dan McHugh, esports product manager for Overwatch, announced via a post on Reddit that the Overwatch Contenders in South America will not be continued. The decision was made after Activision Blizzard that the competition was not performing at the expected level; to develop talent for the Overwatch League as part of the “Path to Pro” program. 

With this, Activision Blizzard will rely on third-party tournaments in South America, as it will also be done with the Pacific region, to qualify teams once the international tournaments return. The main focus for the Overwatch Path to Pro scene will be China, Europe, South Korea, North America, and now Australia, once Blizzard has “seen a fair amount of talent rising out of the region.” 

McHugh also clarified that Blizzard will evaluate how to “make it easier for third party tournament organizers to successfully operate independent events inside their regions,” and that LAN competitions will be put on hold as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

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