Overwatch’s Experimental Mode launches Feb. 25 with Triple Damage role queue

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Overwatch players are now invited to be a part of the development team’s favorite wacky experiments. In the latest Developer Update, game director Jeff Kaplan revealed that the Experimental Mode will be available on all platforms beginning Feb. 25. Players will get a chance to test different modes or role queue setups that the development team has worked up.  

The first experiment is the “Triple Damage” mode, a form of role queue that will allow teams of three damage dealers, two supports, and a single tank. Kaplan talked at length about this mode, commonly referred to as 3-2-1, on the Blizzard forums last month. The mode was tested internally by the Overwatch development team for approximately two months. After fans showed interest in trying the mode, the team apparently decided to put it up for testing as a part of the Experimental Mode launch.  

After role queue was added to the game last year, queue times for DPS players skyrocketed. Some high-ranked damage players still see queues of nearly 15 minutes. “We are going to be looking for the effects to the queue times to see if it makes a difference,” Kaplan said in the Developer Update. 

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