Overwatch’s Experimental Mode tests balance changes and sleepless B.O.B.

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Experimental Mode is going back to basics with a few select bonuses. When the Overwatch game mode launched last week with Triple Damage, players got to have a peek at what a triple DPS, two support, one tank life would look like. This week, beginning March 5, Experimental Mode appears to be operating as an enhanced version of Overwatch’s Public Test Realm (PTR). 

Experimental Mode is going back to the standard two damage, two support, two tank team setup, also known as 2-2-2. Developers are adding possible balance changes to the mode to see how players react. Unlike the Triple Damage experiment, there’s a high likelihood that these changes will end up in the live game. Some of them are already in testing on the PTR as of Feb. 26.

This week’s Experimental Mode appears to add and subtract a few of the already-standing PTR changes to offer a slightly different gaming experience for players. 

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