Overwatch’s Triple Damage Experimental Mode brings off-tank, tank changes

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Today must feel like Christmas for tank mains in Overwatch since extensive changes to their favorite heroes have arrived in the game’s new Experimental Mode. Triple Damage is the first experiment to hit Overwatch servers, announced yesterday by game director Jeff Kaplan. The mode allows teams to field three damage dealers, two supports, and only one tank. To make the mode more balanced, off-tanks and tanks were given a host of fun updates. 

As revealed in the patch notes and Kaplan’s Developer Update, the changes to off-tanks and tanks won’t affect standard Overwatch whatsoever. None of these changes apply to competitive mode, quick play, or arcade modes. 

Overall, the balance changes for Triple Damage, also known as 3-2-1, give tanks more survivability and fewer cooldowns on abilities. Off-tanks, especially Roadhog and Zarya, have been given the most extensive changes to allow them the freedom to operate as a solo tank. 

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