Paris Eternal set incredible new Junkertown attack record

The Paris Eternal has set a new league-wide best on Junkertown attack last night, finishing with 4 minutes and 13 seconds left on the clock against the Philadelphia Fusion.

The French-Korean hybrid squad has been full of surprises this year, playing well above the level many predicted. Despite losses against both Toronto and Houston, the Eternal are playing remarkably consistent, particularly so considering their off-tank only coming of age recently and also the language barrier between the players. But to set a map record against what was considered the league’s strongest team is an especially strong statement.

To start their offense, the Eternal came out on a half-bunker half dive composition. Historically such a Frankenstein composition wouldn’t have worked, but in hero pools where more meta hero picks are unavailable, players can bust out their comfort picks with relative confidence. Additionally, the limited practice time that comes along with a traveling league makes it hard to play more regimented compositions.

With this instinctual, free-formed team of heroes, Paris was able to let loose the dynamic DPS duo Jung “Xzi”Ki-hyo and Terence “SoOn” Tarlier on Hanzo and Tracer respectively.

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