Psyonix Cancels Rocket League World Championship in Dallas due to Coronavirus

Rocket League is the latest esport to have plans affected by the coronavirus.

Psyonix, developer of Rocket League has announced that due to the increasing issues with coronavirus (COVID-19) they’ll be canceling the upcoming Rocket League Season 9 World Championship live event in April 24-26 in Dallas, Texas.

Psyonix has confirmed that fans will be able to refund tickets via the ETIX website. This will extend to automatic refunds for anyone who pre-purchased parking passes.

As for the remaining matches in the series, Psyonix confirmed that the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) Season 9 League Play will be played as scheduled to the Regional Championships and Promotion Tournament. As for the World Championships, they will share more information as things develop.

Speaking in a statement, Psynix also confirmed what will happen to regular RLCS play:

“There will also be changes to our weekly broadcasts for RLCS and the Rival Series. As the health and wellbeing of our broadcast talent is also of utmost importance, we’ll be moving the broadcast completely online for the remainder of the season beginning this week. You’ll still be able to watch RLCS and Rival Series matches Friday, Saturday, and Sunday as usual, but the broadcast talent will not be in-studio.”

As for Oceania and South America, they continued:

“Additionally, we are actively working with our partners in Oceania and South America in order to ensure the health and safety of players and personnel there as well and we’ll share updates accordingly. “

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