PUMA Sponsors Tencent’s King Pro League

Sportswear brand PUMA announced Sunday that the company has signed an exclusive apparel sponsorship with Tencent Games for China’s top Honor of Kings competition King Pro League (KPL). 

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

PUMA and Tencent made the announcement at the 2020 Honor of Kings Annual Award Ceremony, following the Honor of Kings Winter Champion Cup in Shenzhen. PUMA gifted the KPL co-branded 1968 SUEDE shoes to Tencent, while Tencent gifted a copy of KPL’s Sliver Dragon Trophy to PUMA. 

PUMA will provide exclusive co-branded team jerseys for KPL players. In China’s top League of Legends competition, League of Legends Pro League (LPL), Nike provides LPL-designed team jerseys for all LPL players, coaches, and staff.

On Saturday, Honor of Kings developer TiMi Studios announced that the company will invest ¥1B RMB ($154M USD) in the 2021 Honor of Kings esports ecosystem, and the KPL will feature ¥37.6M ($5.8M) total prize money. 

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