Riot fine Rogue Warriors $420,000, issue 2-year ban to jungler WeiYan for match-fixing

On Friday, LPL management came out with shared its findings of the initial investigation of the match-fixing allegations against Rogue Warriors jungler Wang “WeiYan” Xiang. Both the player and the club will receive severe punishments, including monetary fines (for the org) and long-time suspension from League of Legends (for WeiYan).

For his participation in “illegally incentivized activities” and “intention to disrupt the fairness of the league”, WeiYan has received a two-year suspension from not only competing, but also streaming League of Legends content. According to the statement, the LPL “will work with the various live streaming platforms to ensure that WeiYan does not participate in any League of Legends related live streams during this suspension period.” WeiYan’s ban will last until March 27, 2022.

As for the club, Rogue Warriors have been fined 3 million RMB, or approximately $423,000 and a severe warning — for now at least. The LPL Discipline Committee confirmed that the investigation is ongoing.

This is the second time in Rogue Warriors’ history that the club has been involved in match-fixing allegations and has suffered punishment from LPL management. Last year, three Rogue Warrior LDL players and one Rogue Warrior LPL player were found guilty of match-fixing and were issued 18-months-long bans. Rogue Warriors Shark — RW’s LDL team — had to forfeit their LDL playoffs spot as a result.

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