Riot reveals Yoru as 14th VALORANT Agent – abilities, lore & more

Riot has officially revealed VALORANT’s next Agent, Yoru. The 14th Agent to make its way to VALORANT has been detailed in todays release including videos, a breakdown of his abilities, and some lore to fill him out.

“Yoru is our Infiltrating Duelist, using an array of tools to re-position himself, or create fakeouts. Yoru players will be lurking around the map, causing chaos, and getting frags,” the official material from Riot says.

When prompted as to why they decided to create a character like Yoru, the development team behind the character shared the following.

“When we started talking about the goals for this Agent we knew it was time to shake things up in Valorant. The idea of “Stealthly Infiltration” is something we toyed around with for years, but could never fit in the game. We felt that if we started from the ground up, we could create an Agent that revolved around the idea of “Stealthly Infiltration” in some way.”

So now I’m sure you want to know exactly what those abilities are. Below you’ll find his three main abilities and his ultimate which includes the ability to create fake footstep sounds, teleportation, a unique flashbang, and the invisibility coupled with invulnerability.

  • Ability 1 ⁠— Fakeout: EQUIP an echo that mimics footsteps when activated. FIRE to activate and send the echo forward. ALT FIRE to place an echo in place. USE the inactive echo to send it forward.
  • Ability 2 ⁠— Gatecrash: EQUIP to harness a rift tether. FIRE to send the tether out moving forward. ALT FIRE to place a tether in place. ACTIVATE to teleport to the tether’s location.
  • Signature Ability ⁠— Blindside: EQUIP to rip an unstable dimensional fragment from reality. FIRE to throw the fragment, activating a flash that winds up once it collides with a hard surface.
  • Ultimate Ability ⁠— Dimensional Drift: EQUIP a mask that can see between dimensions. FIRE to drift into Yoru’s dimension, unable to be affected or seen by enemies from the outside.

In terms of his lore, Riot had the following to say regarding VALORANT’s latest addition.

“Japanese native Yoru rips holes straight through reality to infiltrate enemy lines unseen. Using deception and aggression in equal measure, he gets the drop on each target before they know where to look.”

So what do you think? Is Yoru going to be a new meta character or not? Let us know in the comments or on social media!

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