Roaring on: Seoul Dynasty team preview

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Despite setbacks over their two years in the Overwatch League, the Seoul Dynasty continues to roar on. Once considered the pinnacle of Overwatch talent thanks to its core of Lunatic Hai players, the team looks a little different in 2020.

As the only team to be based in South Korea, the Dynasty suddenly became a hot commodity for the league’s many native players. Seoul saw an influx of veteran talent that may boost their bottom line, mostly from an exodus of London Spitfire players. 


One of the biggest trades of the year saw former London Spitfire star main tank Hong “Gesture” Jae-hee move to the Seoul Dynasty with a few of his talented teammates. Gesture was a large part of the London Spitfire’s 2018 championship run. He’ll bring stable and consistent leadership to the Dynasty as well.

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