Rumor: Broken Blade could join Schalke 04 in the LEC

Ten days still remain for the “market of players” to be opened, but teams all around the world keep working in the shadows to prepare their rosters and staff regarding the 2021 season.

With all that movement, rumors run everywhere within the community. In VPEsports, we have already talked about rumors regarding some important LEC players, like the one about Nemesis leaving Fnatic, Perkz joining Fnatic as a mid laner, Alphari leaving Astralis to join Team Liquid, or Cabochard being replaced in Vitality.

Today it is time to speak about a rumor that affects one of the current champions of the North American LCS: Sergen ‘Broken Blade‘ Çelik.

The information comes from LEC Wooloo, a Twitter profile that uses to provide many rumors regarding the European competitive scene, and now claims that, according to these rumors, the top laner of Team SoloMid could join Schalke 04 in the LEC.

[Rumour] Broken Blade is rumoured to join Schalke 04 for the LEC 2021

— LEC Wooloo ?? (@LEC_Wooloo) November 5, 2020

The Turkish-German player joined TSM two years ago, and after many ups and downs became champion of the LCS after beating FlyQuest in the Summer Playoffs Finals (3-2), which provided him a ticket to the 2020 Worlds Championship.

This rumor has been discussed in the Spanish Esports show Esportmaniacos, and it looks like it could become real.

Actually, the movement makes sense. According to Esportmaniacos sources, Schalke 04 has been interesded on Broken Blade for a long time. Dylan Falco is supossed to have been working on this transfer, but he never could.

Plus, Broken Blade has a very good relationship with Felix “Abbedagge” Braun, mid laner of Schalke 04, since they were teammates in the Turkish league.

To give more strenght to this rumor, there are some others saying that, from TSM roster, only Spika would remain in 2021. Appart from that, it seems normal to think that Broken Blade could be happier in a German team, with his mother tongue, friends, and family.

Schalke 04 is building the team around Abbedagge and Erberk ‘Gilius‘ Demir, who has commented on his Twitter about the rumor:

I’d love to play with my Turkish brother but it’s sadly only a

— Berk (@GiliusLoL) November 5, 2020

We will update this information as soon as we know more about it. Keep in touch!

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