Rumor: Riot Games' "Project A" Name Revealed in UK Trademark

Project A is coming from Riot Games sooner or later. We all know the game isn’t staying called Project A and we might finally know the identity of the game thanks to a UK Trademark filling.

Trademark “UK00003468347” filled on February 20th, 2020 by Riot Games, Inc for “VALORANT”. The same owner is also marked as owning a number of other UK Trademarks including Mechs VS Minions, Forge of Champions, UKLC, Riot Games, Riot Forged, Ruined King: A League of Legends Story and now Valorant.

What Proof Do We Have?

So, outside of the Trademark let’s take a look at some other information.

The Twitter account “@PlayVALORANT” appeared shortly before the trademark alongside Turkish and French language varients of the account, using _TR&_FR respectively, though the French account lacks the same details of it’s English and Turkish counterparts.

We also have a Twitch account over at, which features the same graphics as the Twitter account.

But anyone can make a Twitter account, right? Exactly, which is why some people decided to do a password reset request on the Twitter account which could link to an address.

Right now, that’s about all we’ve got. With Riot Games’ new Team Fortress, meets CS:GO, meets Overwatch FPS likely heading in beta soon ahead of a rumored 2020 release date, and hyped around the game at a fever pitch. We suspect these moves on ‘Valorant’ could lead to some news dropping fairly soon.

Keep an eye on ESTNN for news on Riot Games’ future project updates.

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