SonicFox wins Final Kombat 2020 after only dropping a single set

SonicFox dominated almost every event they attended over the last year, never placing outside of the top two and winning five Majors. And he finished the season by only dropping a single set and winning it all at Final Kombat last night.

Most FGC fans know that SonicFox is one of the greatest players to ever touch the sticks for Mortal Kombat, but their performance at Final Kombat 2020 that netted them the 2020 Championship was something else to watch. 

Making it into the event as the top seed thanks to their ranking on the Pro Kompetition Leaderboard, SonicFox lined themselves up perfectly to make a deep run at the tournament. And with only 16 players in attendance, every match was going to test the matchup knowledge they had been building up to that point. 

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