The best performing heroes in Dota 2 Diretide

After eight years of waiting, Valve finally bestowed upon us the Halloween event Diretide, and the community is ecstatic. The game brings a lot of excitement packed in best-of-5 format with six minute rounds. Like in all metas or custom games, there are certain heroes that stand out, and that’s exactly what Diretide has observed as well. has the numbers on which heroes have performed the custom event. This data is collected from the 31st of October to the 2nd of November. Here is a look at the top 10 heroes form those three days.

Clinkz is clearly the most favoured hero in the game, the reason being he is good at multiple tasks which DIretide requires doing. He can sneak up to get kills, has a skill to increase attack speed which is very helpful in taking down scarecrow stashes, taffy wells and even the enemy taffy bucket. His Skeleton Walk gives him a 60% movement speed bonus, which is very helpful in running to and from the base to deposit the taffy. All this has helped him have an insane wiin rate of nearly 68%. Hoever, these numbers are before all invisible heroes in general in addition to Clinkz in particular got hit with the nerf hammer. Even though he is still good, his win rate is bound to plunge in the days to come. Windranger is very similar to Clinkz, with the exception of invisibility, which she gets at level 25. But her movement speed and attack speed bonus help make her a strong hero in Diretide.

Shadow Shaman is up there purely because of Mass Serpent Ward. Once he gets to level 12, the level 2 ultimate is quite strong in taking down the taffy wells and then getting the opponent candy out of the taffy bucket. But the nerf patch has dealt with that as well:

  • Player owned non-hero units deal only 25% of their normal damage to the home bucket for purposes of stealing candy.

This change only seems fair, as earlier, Shaman putting the wards near the bucket meant a sure win, which was demonstrated by PPD.

Shadow shaman is straight up imbalanced in diretide

Underlord finds himself up there becuase of his AoE control, which is beneficial in multiple situations of attack and defence or even near scarecrow stashes. As the map is quite small compared to the typical Dota 2 map, heroes are often clumped up together, making it easy to target them together. Also if someone with a lot of taffy is dying and needs to be taken home, Reality Rift comes in handy to save that taffy. Storm Spirit and Weaver pop up behind Underlord, with both heroes having the ability to travel to and from the base very quickly. Weaver’s Geminate Attack is also helpful in taking down scarecrows, which is a crucial part of the game.

But looking at the most played heroes, there are a few different ones in the list who don’t seem to perform too well, but players like them anyways. Sniper is the most played hero in Diretide (or was in those three days), but he has been performing abysmally with win rate just a little over 47% Pudge is another crowd favorite who isn’t doing too well, but it isn’t something that seems to deter players.

The most taffy collection is, unsurprisingly, from heroes with a lot of mobility. Always easier to hand over your taffy to these so that lesser time is wasted in travelling, unless of course, you need to get to base for healing.

There are a lot of nuances to the game, which will become clearer withing the next days. Watching professional players stream Diretide could be a good way to help earn more wins and get some of those sweet Hallowed chests of the Diretide.

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